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Beaches in Goa

Beaches in GoaThe long coastline of Goa makes one believe that Goa is a long beach. But that is not true in its entirety. Goa is a small state, which has many beaches, many towns and a fine network of roads. The state of Goa has seven rivers and their estuaries, hills with thriving and lush green vegetation, and most of the tourists are required to cover vast distances in order to move from one place to another. Goa has a coastline that is 125 kilometers and that makes people consider that it is an elongated beach, which is a common misunderstanding.

Beaches of Goa are much more colorful and full of adventure than other beaches in India. Not just in terms of popularity but also the services that are accessible here. The beaches here have been acknowledged as an essential part of Goa. In fact, Goa has become synonymous with beaches. There are mouthwatering cuisines mixed with the bliss of relaxing on the golden sands and soaking up the warm sun against the backdrop of turquoise blue water. For the more daring, there are a variety of water sports to choose from that include water skiing to para gliding.

To add some more zing to your vacation, you can boogie away at a beach side resort listening to exotic Goan music for some time with drinks like "feni" and beer. You can also engage in shopping for local souvenirs and knick-knacks on the beachside. End the beautiful day on a calm and serene note with a midnight bonfire on the beach.