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Cities of Goa

Cities of GoaThe smallest state of the Indian Subcontinent is Goa. Yet it has many towns and cities that are important from tourism point of view. The state of Goa is known for its architectural wonders and ancient Portuguese style of construction. One can see modern and sophisticated infrastructures merging graciously with the ancient and primeval ruins and churches.

The capital of Goa is Panaji, also known as Panjim and is located in the northern part of Goa. It was declared the capital city of Goa in 1987 when Goa was declared an independent state. Panaji is the administrative headquarter of the northern province of Goa. Panaji is the commercial hub of the state and is the third largest city in Goa. Other major cities in Goa are Margao, Vasco-da-Gama, Mapusa and Ponda. All these cities are abundant in modern civic amenities and infrastructure. But the charm still lies in the way people preserve their cultural identity and heritage and accept to move along with time.

The cities of Goa are known for their historical and cultural aspects and are home to different facets of Goa. The Goan cities are also a paradise for avid photographers and one can capture beautiful and stunning moments with the backdrop of the spectacular Goan cities.