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Cruises in Goa

Cruises in GoaYour trip to Goa has to have a lovely cruise without which your trip will seem imperfect. Goa is renowned and well known for its Cruises. These Cruises are one of Goa's main attractions. Who wouldn't want to hop aboard a gorgeous ship and sail amongst the dancing waves! Goa offers both ocean cruise as well as river cruise.

Goa Sea Cruise
Goa offers exciting Sea Cruise along the Arabian Sea. You can board these Sea Cruises from Mumbai. It either heads straight to Goa or visits Kadmat Island and Kochi and then proceeds to Goa. These sea cruises have all modern amenities and are run on the latest state-of-the-art-technology. The Super Star Libra is more of an extravagant luxury cruise, complete with restaurants, pubs and bars as well as sports, massage parlors and fitness center. You can have a sound slumber in luxurious rooms - Executive Suites, Junior Suites and Ocean View room Suite. Entertainment on board includes an open-style live karaoke lounge, a discotheque, cocktails and pre-dinner lounge. Goa Sea Cruise not only offers luxurious and royal treatment, but also the experience is something that you wont forget for a lifetime. You will find some of the most hospitable people on board who will be ready to offer help and assistance any time. So kick up your heels and get ready to sail smooth!

River Cruise
Goa River Cruise on the Mandovi River is an enjoyable and pleasant experience. The finest way to enjoy your cruise on Mandovi River is to embark on a cruise arranged by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. There are number of cruises you can choose from - Daytime, Sunset and Moonlight. While you sail across the Mandovi River, you can feast your eyes upon exotic lush greenery and the rich turquoise-blue water of the river. You can also spot crocodiles in the river if you look carefully. The cuisine has a vast range and offers some of the most delightfully scrumptious food on board. Some popular cruises are given below:

Sun Set Cruise and Sun Down Cruise
This cruise is a one-hour trip that is fun filled and very entertaining. You can get to see professional artists perform the traditional dances of Goa like Fugdi and Shigmo. It is a guarantee that you too will want to dance along with the tempting beats of their music. You can also spot some majestic historical monuments like Reis Magos Church, the Reis Magos Fort, the Aguada Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan.

Full Moon Cruise/Special Cruise
This special cruise offers you a longer amount of time. You get an opportunity to cruise across the Mandovi River and enjoy the serene moonlight falling on the river turning it into a gleaming silver world. This will take you to a different world altogether and connect you with nature at an entirely different level. What more can you ask for when you enjoy the scene with your beloved!