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Fairs and Festivals of Goa

Fairs and Festivals of GoaGoa witnesses a colorful and magnificent celebration of fairs and festivals. The Goans are a group of people who are deeply religious and traditional despite being modern and liberal. What makes the Goans special is the fact that they like to live their life for the moment. They believe in celebrating life and appreciating its beauty rather than sit and complain about what they don't have. This is also one reason why the fairs and festivals of Goa are a much sought after event.

In Goa, the Hindu and Christian population are in majority and so most festivals celebrated in the state certainly belong to either of the two religions. But this does not denote that the festivals of those people who follow different religions are not celebrated in the state. Besides, there are certain festivals that are exclusive to the culture of the Goans. These are the festivals that make Goa so special and unique. With their diverse themes, these festivals lend a distinctive charisma to Goa and attract people from all over the world in immense amount.

One thing to be mentioned here is the fact that the festivals celebrated here do not fall on the same dates every year as they are celebrated according to the Hindu calendar, which keeps changing according to the lunar cycles.