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Forts of Goa

Forts of GoaGoa is famous for its historical monuments of which forts form a vital part. Rich in historical legacy, these forts tell vivid stories of the past and have braved the cruelest of the winds to stand upright till today. Come along and explore the famous forts of Goa!

Chapora Fort
Situated near the Anjuna beach, the Chapora fort was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur. The fort gives a spectacular view of the sea as it is situated atop a cliff, on the coast of the Anjuna beach. A few ruins here and there give a mystical look to it, though otherwise it has been well preserved. It was given a new dimension when the Portuguese took over and one can see traces of the Portuguese architecture in it.

Aguada Fort
Another famous fort of Goa would be the Aguada fort, built by the Portuguese in 1612 A.D. This fort was built in order to protect Goa from any external enemy attacks from the sea. Built near the Mandovi River, the Aguada fort derives its name from the Portuguese word "aguada" which means "water". The place where this fort is situated is a hotspot of many natural springs, which provided the Portuguese with drinking water. A part of the fort has been transformed into central jail. Otherwise, the scenic Aguada Fort is nice spot to unwind and relax.

Cabo De Rama
The Cabo De Rama fort is situated on the southern coast of Goa. The Portuguese rebuilt it when they took over. They built a chapel inside the fort. The chapel is still in use, but otherwise the fort lies in ruins, which gives it a magical look. It was uninhabited for many years, which gives it a naturally ruined look. The historical atmosphere created by the fort in its entire splendor is something to look out for. Locals believe that Lord Rama stayed in this fort with his wife Sita for sometime during his 14-year exile.

Terekhol Fort
The Maharaja of Sawanwadi built The Terekhol Fort on the banks of the Terekhol River. It was taken over by the Portuguese and rebuilt it again in 1764. The fort has now been converted into a heritage hotel. The fort flourishes in peace and serenity as calm seas surround it. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the endless sea for hours together and soak in the rich historical legacy it has to offer.

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