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Dances of Goa

Dances of GoaThe folk dances of Goa are the true instances of their rich cultural heritage. These dances have been performed over ages without any kind of changes whatsoever. The Goan dances reflect the true Goan spirit of the people and give an insight into their lifestyle, thinking patterns and traditions. Some popular dance forms are Shigmo, Fugdi, Dhalo, Dekhni, etc.

Shigmo Dance
The Shigmo dance celebrates the spirit of spring season. It is the time of regeneration of nature for the farmers. For the warriors, it marks the victorious return of man from battlefield. Temples are beautifully decorated and festivity takes place in its entire splendor. This dance also the name of the spring festival and usually takes place in the month of March. It is celebrated in rural Goa where the Hindu population dominates.

Fugdi Dance
One of the favorite dances of the Goans, this traditional dance is very popular among girls and women. This dance does not require a special occasion or a festival. Fugdi dance is performed in the praise of Lord Ganesha, the Elephant God of the Hindus. This dance is enjoyed by all age groups and requires immense swirling until one sits down exhausted. It is one of the most common dances performed by the women.

Dhalo Dance
The Dhalo dance is yet another favorite of women of rural Goa. It is more of played than danced. Young women and girls group-up and form semi circles by entwining their arms around each other's backs. They then sing and dance in synchronized swaying movements and have fun and frolic.

Dekhini/Dakhni Dance
The Christians who remember their lost Hindu status mainly composed this form of dance, which also involves singing along with it. It revolves around a lovely woman who is usually the main danseuse who is joined later by other dancers. The music is a lovely combination of Indian and western melody and rhythm.

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