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Goa Weather

Goa WeatherThe climate of Goa is temperate and is enjoyable throughout the year. Extremities of temperature do not exist in this paradise and the weather is pleasant and sunny. Since it lies in the coastal area, Goa experiences maritime climate all through the year.

Summer Weather
Summers can be a bit cruel in Goa with the maximum temperatures going up to 45o Celsius. The summer months in Goa, last from March to the end of June. However, evenings are pleasant due to the cool sea winds blowing from sea to land. Extreme heat and humidity in summers often lead to heatstroke and fever among the locals. They combat such extreme heat conditions by drinking healthy juices and their popular local alcoholic drink called 'feni' which is served ice cold.

Monsoon Weather
The monsoons in Goa last from June to September. Goa lies in the path of arriving southwest monsoon winds, which cross over Western Ghats and enter the Indian subcontinent. These monsoon winds pour exceptionally intensely on the Western Ghats causing around 2500 - 3500mm of annual rainfall. After the monsoons end pouring, Goa becomes no less than heaven on earth. The cloudy and gray hazy skies give way to pleasantly blue skies and warm sunny mornings. The warmth of the sun is enjoyed by one and all after the monsoons. After the monsoons, the weather becomes a bit chilly and winters begin to settle in.

Winter Weather
In Goa, winters are from November to February end. It is pleasantly cold during winters with temperatures ranging from 15o - 30o Celsius. Winters are probably the best months to visit this paradise and enjoy the sun, the sea and the surf!