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Goa Lifestyle

Goa LifestyleGoa is a place that symbolizes the very zest for life and living. Goa simply mesmerizes every visitor like no other place. The very lifestyle of Goa is one of the main reasons why tours to Goa never lose their charm and are sought after by tourists all through the year. Right from the magical beaches to the mystical wildlife sanctuaries, tours to Goa initiate you to a land where the party never ends. Western influence coupled with the local traditional lifestyle has resulted into what is now known as the Goan way of life.

The people of Goa prefer to call themselves Goans and are the happiest and the merriest people in India. Goans are very much proud of their cultural heritage and identity and guard it fiercely. They are very warm and courteous people who believe in making friends with almost everyone. They will definitely make sure that your stay over there is the best and will take pains to make sure that you feel at home once you are there. This is why you feel like coming back to Goa year after year.

Goans have cultivated a notable degree of lenience towards other people's religious beliefs. Religious biases are completely unheard of in this fun filled state. The Goans deem themselves as a Goan first and a Hindu, Christian or Muslim afterwards. The attachment of language and the Goan individuality are strong enough to allow harmonious coexistence of different religions. The Goans live life in style and have a leisurely attitude towards life. They are fervent about music, dance and art and they love gorging on their unique food and the traditional Goan feni. Every time you visit Goa, it's more like homecoming.