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Goa Travel Tips

Goa Travel TipsIf an ideal vacation spot for you means sun kissed beaches, silver sands surrounded by palm trees with endless flow of local liquor, then Goa is the perfect place for you to be. You will find the above-mentioned elements in its full splendor and beauty. But vacationing comes with some safety tips, which can come handy anytime. If used properly to your avail, you can enjoy a hassle free Goa vacation and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

This section on travel tips for Goa has been created to help and guide you for a secure, safe and exciting Goa vacation/trip. There are various sections including how to reach Goa, clothes to wear in Goa, tourist guides, transportation, tipping, shopping, health precautions, ideal time to visit Goa and much more.

The best time to visit Goa is during the months of October to March. This is the time when the monsoons have poured out every last drop and the temperature is cool and pleasant. One can enjoy the cool breeze along with the warmth of the sun. Make sure you carry sunscreen and other common medicines for minor fever and cold attacks and other stomach disorders.

Beware of touts and do not keep your baggage and other valuables unattended in the beaches. Keep your money safe in a wallet in your baggage. It is better to carry traveler's cheques to liquid money. Goa is connected to the rest of the country through all major forms of transportation, which include air, railways and roads. Since it is located on the coast, even ferry services are available from one destination to another along the coast. English, Konkani, Marathi and Hindi dominate the local languages, not necessarily in that order.