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What to Wear in Goa

What to Wear in GoaGoa is the most colorful state when it's the tourist season. Bright colors and bold floral prints in the most comfortable fabrics are an absolute essential. Goa is the culmination of style and comfort. The clothes ooze attitude and comfort at the same time.

Sunhats, sunglasses and sun protection creams also known as sunscreens, are strongly advised and are absolutely essential in every traveler's baggage. Cottons and other light fabrics are the ideal clothes to be carried. If you plan to travel in winters, carry some full-sleeved clothes along with you. It can get a bit chilly at times and it is advisable to carry a warm shawl or you can buy one from the markets of Goa.

The ideal beachwear is a sarong and of course your bikini. Make it bright and colorful to add to the vacation mood. Other clothes are jeans, shorts, skirts and funky tee shirts. Keep a set of formal attire in case you dine at a deluxe hotel or visit a business center. The people of Goa prefer anything that is easy going and serene so decide your baggage accordingly.