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Water Sports in Goa

Water Sports in Goa Goa is blessed with a long coastline, which makes it a perfect get away for all water sports enthusiasts. Goa is the ultimate haven for all water sports lovers. The long coastal area offers brilliant opportunities to soak in all sorts of water-sports. The Goan coast has always attracted beach lovers and sports lovers alike to try out some new thrill. The diverse alternatives of sporty delight are never ending in the paradise called Goa.

Goa also flourishes in the under water world where there is a diverse variety of life forms to be seen. Though Goa does not boast of having any splendid coral reefs, still it is provided with an abundance of enthralling and serene marine life. Scuba diving into the debris of the colonial ships that belonged to the Portuguese is one thing that one must experience while in Goa. Other sports such as para sailing, water-skiing and wind surfing will set your adrenalin rushing and give you a sense of thrill in life. If you are an eager learner, you can get started on some diving lessons or set out on fishing trips and Dolphin spotting cruises.

There are many adventure sports that one can choose from. For those who are afraid of water, there a variety of land sports to choose from. You can soak up the sun on the shore while playing beach volleyball, cycling, horse riding or simply jogging on the shoreline while the soft water laps at your feet. Since the Goan coastline is flanked by the Western Ghats, you can try your hand at rock climbing and trekking. Reach the highest level of the hill and catch the breath-taking scene of Goa and the entire Western Ghats.