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Goa Wildlife

Goa WildlifeWhile talking about Goa, one always thinks about the beaches and the churches. But there is more to Goa than just the exotic beaches. Goa flourishes in a rich collection of flora and fauna and has an assortment of rare and varied species of animals and plants thriving in the Western Ghats. Few people know this, but almost one-third of Goa is covered with forests. Wildlife in Goa is definitely worth the visit and one must not miss out on the experience, which ensures that you and nature bond at an emotional level.

With the coastal areas providing a tropical background, the lush green forests of Goa are definitely worth a see. It has a collection of exotic species of animals like elephants, Indian Bison, different species of monkeys and a variety of snakes. If lucky, you may also catch a Black Panther feasting on its prey or a Tiger drinking water at a water hole. Apart from them, there are many different varieties of tropical colorful birds.

Not only avid nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, but others also will find the wildlife tour in Goa soulfully enriching and truly a marvelous experience. Goa has basically four important sanctuaries namely Bhagvan Mahaveer Wildlife sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife sanctuary and Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary. These wildlife sanctuaries offer tours for tourists to roam around in the sanctuary for a nominal charge.